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      Method for reducing stick defects in spinning process

      Author: Date:2020-01-10

      The danger of bamboo defects

      1. Affects the spinning efficiency, because slubs appear during spinning. If the slubs are too large, the balloon will have a large centrifugal force, and the balloon will expand, resulting in broken ends.

      2. It seriously affects the post-spinning production efficiency. At present, post-spinning uses electronic yarn clearers. If the bamboo shoots exceed the threshold, it will cause flaws, which seriously affects the production efficiency.

      3. It seriously affects the quality of the cloth surface and the first-rate product rate. Due to the use of electronic yarn clearers, the cloth surface defects are greatly reduced. However, if there are too many knots in the spun yarn, one more post-spinning defect will seriously affect the post-spinning production efficiency, and the second one will be connected to each defect. If it is spliced by air, a new slub will be produced, especially domestic twist Device. If the machine is connected, a joint defect is generated, and another type of defect is generated on the cloth surface, especially on the spray-woven high-density fabric. Such defects have a great influence.

      4. Affect the efficiency of air-jet cloth. Mechanically connected joints and slubs will block weft yarns and cause weft stops.

      Reasons for bamboo defects

      1. The passageway is not smooth, the parts have burrs and flowers, and it is caused by inadequate security work. In this case, if the cleaning method, tools, and time are not perfect, bamboo shoots will occur.

      2. The flying flowers are attached in the workshop, and the slivers are bristled, which are caused by process equipment.

      3. During the production process, fiber hooks are produced or cotton tufts and cotton balls are attached. This category is also caused by process equipment.

      The above three points are the basic reasons for bamboo shoots. They seem simple and can be understood by anyone, but they can really understand their meanings and can use them flexibly to solve problems.

      Ways to reduce yarn defects

             The occurrence of yarn defects is generally believed to be caused by poor operation of the blocker and poor cleaning work, but this view is not comprehensive. Reducing the occurrence of yarn defects, the sense of responsibility of the turning workers, cleaning technology (poor cleaning work at high altitudes, entering slivers, cleaning, sanitation, and flying flowers), splicing technology (a large amount of splicing joints) is important, The number of yarn defects also accounts for an important proportion (this is mainly solved through training in operation and a complete system of responsibility and responsibility printing), but this is only a small part in solving yarn defects. In fact, most of the yarn defects are mainly caused by poor process equipment. The number of yarn defects is a comprehensive reflection of the spinning level, and a comprehensive reflection of the quality of various basic management, as follows:

      1. The process design is reasonable and unreasonable, and whether the machine is in place is the most important aspect of reducing yarn defects, and it occupies the first of all factors.

      1) The roving twist is small, the hair of the yarn body is serious, and the fly in the workshop is severely energy-saving. If you look closely, each hair point on the roving and each small hanging flower (especially the cone on both sides of the roving, area flowers) will produce one. Bamboo shoots of different sizes. For each variety on the machine, you should observe the roving sliver on the spinning frame. The roving should be smooth and not hairy. If the hair is fluffy and there are too many flying flowers in the workshop, the roving twist should be increased. The following hard ends should start with increasing the draft of the back region of the spun yarn, the back region separation, the distance block, the pressure, and the reduction of the roving weight. Generally, the roving twist coefficient should not be reduced . In addition, the size of the carded and drawn horn affects the tightness of the sliver, and also affects the amount of bamboo.

      2) The drafting is poorly distributed, resulting in poor slugs, resulting in slubs. For example, the T / C drawback area should be large, and the head should be above 1.63. In the past, after the air-jet spinning of T / C14.7Tex yarn head and drafting changed from 1.3 to 1.7, the production efficiency of air-jet spinning increased from 70% to 95%, and the main knots were significantly reduced. The above points are very important.

      3) Carding is caused by poor carding due to poor process design or machine installation. There are cotton tufts, which can cause slubs after drafting. The large amount of air for dust removal and dust removal. If the air supply is insufficient, the cotton mass is not transferred well in the cotton condenser, and it is rubbed into cotton. The bunches cause large knots; in addition, the stripping distance of each clear flower is large, and the transfer between the parts is poor, which also causes this defect. In the past, we spun hemp gray yarn, and found white pure polyester cotton balls in the sliver, with a diameter of 2 to 4 millimeters. Due to the large separation, it still exists as an independent cotton ball during drafting, but the yarn separation is small. , Drawn into bamboo, these cotton balls are mainly caused by poor transfer of the card.

      4) Improper use of drawbars causes bamboo sticks. Use pressure bars to ensure that the negative pressure of suction is normal. Blockers should dig the bellows flowers every 3 hours. The drawbar spacing must not be too small and the slivers cannot be fed in overlapping. In order to prevent the occurrence of hard heads; the slivers are badly crafted, the slivers appear wrinkled and stick to hair.

      5) Fully closed spindles should pay attention to the spinning tension should not be too large, should be mastered too small to prevent the spindles from accumulating flowers, entering the roving after closing the car and driving, resulting in slubs.

      2. Equipment status and equipment level is another important reason for the average number of yarn defects in a factory. Poor equipment and poor equipment settings will cause flying defects and many hook fibers, which will cause a large number of yarn defects.

      1) Whether the carding card type is good, the sharpness is normal, and the design yield is appropriate, will affect the carding effect, and some of its fiber bundles will produce bamboo knots.

      2) The triangle of the card and the accumulation of flowers on the raw plate are attached, and the transfer device is transferred to the cotton net after being transferred into a cotton bundle; the wall of the card is not standard, and the wall flowers cannot be excluded.


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